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Sixthreezero Evryjourney Review – A Hybrid Bike You Can Buy

The hybrid bike is a pretty familiar name among bike enthusiasts these days. These kinds of bikes are specially designed to serve you both on and off-road. You can use these bikes for the daily commute, for exercise purposes and also as a mountain bike to take a trip through the hills and valleys. There are a wide variety of hybrid bikes available both online and offline for you to taste the adventurous fervor. However, if you are looking for the most eye-catching and useful piece of art at the same time, Sixthreezero Evryjourney is the exact bike for you. This hybrid cruiser is super useful both on and off-road. To assist you, this is the Sixthreezero Evryjourney Review for you.

You are going to dazed and confused by the exclusively appealing look of it in the first place. This perfect amalgamation of comfort and style comes with high-end chrome components and a frame with shining sheen. The Sixthreezero Evryjourney is basically a 7-speed design and perfect for the riders who prefer upright position. It comes with some more appealing features along with that look you are going to need both on the smooth and unfriendly surface.


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The Sixthreezero Evryjourney wouldn’t let you sulk about your money after you buy it since this stylish bike is available at a reasonable price. In short, this hybrid cruiser is a stunner with super-fast speed and all the other benefits it comes it.

Sixthreezero Evryjourney Review: The Features

Sixthreezero Bike Company started its journey way back in 2005 at Southern California where biking was rife. Within few years Sixthreezero Evryjourney reached the peak of success with around 15 thousand bikes cruising through all over in the United States. Eventually, the popularity went past the boundary and now Sixthreezero Evryjourney is a very common name to bicycle lovers. The craze for this bike is due to its versatility. As mentioned earlier, you can take this baby to work or for a jaunting through the mountains as well.

It also provides a great level of comfort and the speed game is uncanny. You can find some of the greatest features in this hybrid bicycle including both fenders and a rear rack which make the bike perfect for rough and muddy surfaces also help it carry goodies or luggage.

The bike includes a 19-inch swooping aluminum frame from which you can tell how solid and super strong this cruiser is. It also helps maneuver easily. The 26” wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires ensure super smooth yet stable ride regardless of how grubby or unfriendly the trail is. The foot-forward seat and pedal position helps riders of different heights maintain their leg position.

The upward riding style also prevents riders’ back and shoulder from aching. And note that this amazing hybrid bike has a quick release on both seat post clamp and Front Wheel which gives you easy stopping. The Custom Black Dual Spring Seat adds to the comfort level. The leather stitched grips are super comfy. Another good thing about this bike 1.95” Wide White-Wall Tires which ensure cushioned and easy rolling. Kudos to the maker for featuring 7-speed Shimano external hub in this bike which is basically the reason for the bike’s versatility.


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It offers all kinds of a ride from relaxing to a long trip. The rear hub comes with an optical display so that the bikers know which gear they are on. However there are little heads up for you, this bike is suitable for tall riders whose height range from 5 feet 6 feet 4 inches. So if you are shorter than that you might find this a bit uncomfortable. The bikes come 80 % assembled. The assembled weight of this bike 39.7 Pounds while the assembled dimension is 56 x 29 x 8 inches. It comes in matt black color. Stainless steel spokes come as an extra.

Target Group

Sixthreezero Evryjourney is as versatile as it could get. Hence it is loved and adored by bikers of pretty much all sorts. As discussed earlier this lightweight bike can be used when you are running some errands and also when you are trying to blow off some steam by cruising around the neighborhood or down the beach on a bright sunny afternoon. Not to mention this bike is also apt for hilly areas so you might as well go on an adventure riding this. As a result, from semi-pro to sporty, from casual goer to explorer; pretty much everyone can enjoy this hybrid bike.

However, the bike is more suitable for tall bikers; mostly men who are 5 to 6 feet tall. Therefore comparatively petite people may find this bike too large. Also, this bike is not really a good choice for teens or beginners whatsoever.

The Main Benefit

A product, be it a fancy or necessary; always comes with certain benefits that prompt us to buy the product in the first place. So it’s always important to know the benefits of the product you are going to purchase. When it comes to hybrid bikes, we always look for features for e.g. whether it’s suitable for all kinds of trails and also keep the consideration on the road. How fast it is and all those things that could be considered as benefits. Let’s find out what our favorite Sixthreezero EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser brings to the table.

  • This hybrid cruiser provides you with the best possible comfort you could ever imagine on a hybrid bike. It comes with a super soft flexible seat and wide cruiser saddle which can protect you from the impact of bumping when you are cruising along a rutted route or going on a long trip. The handlebars are perfectly designed to keep you relaxed and focused throughout the entire ride.
  • You can stay unfazed while riding on this bike because they didn’t leave any stone unturned with the bike’s safety option. The bike offers you an upright position which helps you acquire an easy standing position, making stopping easier during hard brake or emergencies. Thus it prevents possible accidents on unfriendly trails. Also, it protects from back or shoulder pain. The SHIMANO 7-SPEED INTERNAL HUBS adds to safety since it gives you full control during long rides.
  • Sixthreezero Evryjourney comes with matching fenders and a rear rack which allow you to put items or personal belonging in the basket which might come in handy if you ever decide to use the basket for a long tour. For example backpacks, food, and water bottle
  • This is one of those hybrid bikes which ensures super comfortable and smooth rides on hilly terrains due to the width of its white-wall tires.
  • The speed is amazing with the 26” wheels on any surface.
  • You can lay your feet flat on the ground because of the perfect seat and pedal position of the bike.
  • The bike comes 80 % assembled and it is really easy to put together the unassembled part unlike most of the hybrid bikes. In fact, you can get it all done in a few minutes and voila! Your bike is all ready to hit the road now.
  • Another great thing about the bike which you can count as a benefit is its sleek look and gorgeous matt black color. This perfectly crafted bike looks superb in every way. It’s super durable too due to the super-solid build.



The Pros and Cons Of Sixthreezero Evryjourney Bike

A list of the pros and cons of a product must be checked before you purchase it. It gives you a thorough idea of the product and how it is going to affect your life. When you are purchasing a bike, you are supposed to check and recheck its pros and cons to know how well it is going to serve you. Sixthreezero Evryjourney is an all-rounder indubitably. Nonetheless, you should the specific advantages and drawbacks the bike has.


  • Super comfy.
  • Solid build and is able to withstand foggy weather.
  • Durable.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Lets you carry personal belongings.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Safety guaranteed. It allows you to stop anytime you want.
  • No more back or shoulder pain.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Super-fast on all kinds of terrains.
  • Excellent control.
  • It helps you balance properly.
  • The width of tires gives buttery smooth and flexible rolling.
  • Affordable.
  • Super-sleek and stunning look. Attractive carbon black colorway.



  • It doesn’t come with clear instructions.
  • Recommended riding distance 0 – 30 mph in a single trip.
  • Not suitable for kids.
  • The quality of some parts is subpar.
  • Unsatisfactory customer service.
  • Not an ideal choice for steeper hills.

Sixthreezero Evryjourney Review: User’s Opinions

In this age of the internet when you are busy checking out and shopping for products online, what you often forget to do is check customers’ reviews regarding the product. If you surf online shopping sites, you would find those sites swarming with user reviews which are essentials since you can get a clear picture of the product through these rather honest reviews. The same goes for Sixthreezero Evryjourney.

We have put these reviews into two categories- i) Positive Reviews ii) Negative Reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • Customers loved how amazingly comfortable this bike is. They loved the flexible seat and large saddle.
  • Many users loved the aluminum frame the bike is made of.
  • Customers stated that the bike is super sturdy yet lightweight. They said it can survive any adverse weather.
  • A lot of reviewers appreciated the fenders and rear rack. They stated it’s easier to carry stuff along on a long trip.
  • Some users confirmed that the bike’s stopping power during an emergency has been super helpful.
  • A number of consumers loved the SHIMANO 7-SPEED INTERNAL HUBS. They said it makes the bike super safe.
  • Many testers absolutely loved how fast the bike is. Some of them termed it as the most versatile bike of all time.
  • A couple of bikers said the width of white-wall tires is super useful and ensures a perfectly smooth ride.
  • Many users loved the perfect pedal position of the bike. They said it’s easier to do leg extension with that.
  • Customers are super satisfied with how reasonable the price of this bike is.
  • Many customers stated that assembly is quite easy with this bike.
  • A number of reviewers confirmed that the bike is very flexible and easy to ride. They wrote that the bike is easy to control no matter what surface it is on.
  • A lot of customers fell in love with the ravishing matt color of this bike. Many said this is the most stylish hybrid bike ever.

Negative Reviews

  • Some users hated the recommended riding distance technique of this bike.
  • Many stated that parts quality is cheap.
  • A couple of consumers complained that the rear rack and fenders came off after a few months.
  • Reviewers are disgruntled since the bike is not suitable for short people.
  • Many bikers found the bike heavy and clunky.
  • Some testers claimed that they can’t see which speed they are on while riding this bike.
  • A few users said that the installation process is hard.
  • A number of customers complained about the unresponsive customer service of Sixthreezero Evryjourney.

Sixthreezero Evryjourney Review: Final Verdict

Life is full of stress and struggles. Hence it’s obligatory to escape this monotonous life once in a while. And with an all-rounder and head-turner like sixthreezero EVRYjourney with 26″ wheels and rear back; you can head out and lose yourself in an exciting adventure anytime you want. Superlative quality, amazing speed, versatility, and overall dazzling style; this bike is super apt for any distance. Not to mention, it’s budget-friendly as well. It’s easy to ride and safe. So get yourself this hybrid cruiser to hop on an ultimate joy ride.

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