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Eurobike XC550 Review: Best Road Bike Ever?

Nowadays we are seeing a sudden upsurge in cycling. Many people are opting for road bikes instead of regular bikes or cars as a vehicle of their daily commute since it saves times and is a great source of fun. Not to mention, cycling is one of the greatest forms of exercise you can choose if you don’t want to hit the gym. Basically, it gives you all kinds of benefits that you can derive from a quintessential workout. And you sure do not want to underestimate the surreal thrill you feel while speeding through your road bike and getting past other commuters on your way faster than ever.

What if you have the best bike to enjoy all the fun and excitement on the road? There are plenty of road bikes available in the market for you. Sadly not all of them are going to serve the actual purpose of a road bike. They are not going to fit into your budget either. You might have to compromise either quality or money to get a bike. But with Eurobike XC550 21 speed road bike you can get it all. Let’s dive in into the Eurobike XC550 Review.


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This must be the most heard and chosen brand among the bike lovers lately. Adorned with multiple attractive features, this bike is a stunner on road. It also has this super stylish look to dazzle you in the first place and it is one of the most affordable road bikes. Who would want to miss such an enthralling combination of quality and look and that too for a super reasonable price? No wonder they are calling this bike the best road bike ever.

Eurobike XC550 Review: The Feature

Eurobike XC550 is probably the most perfect road bike for beginners and people who are reasonable enough to not splurge on loads of cash on showy yet mediocre bikes. This bike is a game-changer and somehow a revolutionary when it comes to good quality road bikes.

You can get all the features in it which are probably inevitable for cycling. The sturdiness of this super budget-friendly cycle is uncanny since the frame and fork are made from super solid steel. The bike includes an extensive aluminum 160mm steel double-disc brake system which is very much able to lock the pad and stop the cycle at any speed within the safety limit. There you go! You cannot further doubt how safe this bike is on road. It also has a top athletic iron racing handlebar which helps the biker stay in a comfortable and safe position and also helps balance.

You will fall in love with the ergonomic seat post which is perfectly designed to deliver you maximum comfort while riding. You can say goodbye to back pain since you will get lower back support and also a perfect sitting posture. The height of the seat is perfectly adjustable. The 7plus freewheels are magnificently smooth on-road and offer a great grip on bumpy tracks.

It also features KMC 7-speed chain, free resin black pedals, and alloy rims. As a result, the speed is 10 times greater than any entry-level bike.

Well, the greatness of this road bike is countless and you will be totally blown away by the next feature which is SHIMANO A050 21 Speed shifter and brake lever. It is super helpful when it comes to smooth transitioning in gear shifting and also fast commuting. It amps up the endurance level of the bike and adds to its responsiveness on road.

The front and rear derailleur are not the same on this bike. Its front derailleur is SHIMANO TZ30, which is an upward pull. On the other hand, SHIMANO TZ50 is used as a rear derailleur on Eurobike XC550; that is more like direction type.


The cranks on this bike are 42T*34T*24T*170mm and the tire is 700x28c. This bike is a stunner for another reason which is- it is able to carry up to 300lbs whereas, its own weight is 31.5lbs. That is pretty unusual for entry-level bikes.

It can carry riders with a range from 5’3 inches to 6’0 inches. Unlike most of the starter level road bikes, Eurobike XC550 has a variety of color options to choose from and it looks decent enough compared to its price.

The installation of this bike is pretty easy in case you buy it online. It arrives 85 % assembled so you have to install pedals and wheels which is not a drag at all. It comes with proper installation and the necessary tools to help you install. On components of the bike, there is a one-year manufacturer warranty while the warranty on the frame is for a lifetime.

The frame size of this bike is 49cm and 54cm. This bike is a great option for kids and teenagers who have just learned how to ride a bike.

Target Group

Eurobike XC550 bike is highly popular among the riders due to its incredibly great features and reasonable price. It is mostly a head-turner for the entry-level bikers since its double-disc brake helps the bike stop at any speed, thus prevents any possible accidents on roads.

Due to the superior endurance level, this bike is probably is the most perfect choice for school going kids and college students. This bike is so safe and responsive you can get it for your kid who has just learned to paddle. The comfortable seat adjustment also helps in this regard. Though Eurobike hails from Germany, it is a super familiar name in North America due to its superb speed and flexibleness.

It is teenagers’ one of the favorite bikes due to the easy commute it offers. However, please note that this bike is good for comparatively petite people who are about 5’4 to 5’7 inches. So if you are taller than 5’7 inches, it may not be a good fit for you. Nevertheless, you can use it for a short trip if you are not really bothered by your feet not reaching the ground all the way.

The Main Benefit

You must check and recheck the list of benefits a product offers before you go for it. Even if you are buying it as a fancy product only. A good road bike is your staple when you prefer commuting fast, solo and smoothly in a traffic-clogged city. It also plays a vital role when it comes to exercise since cycling is super refreshing for both of your body and mind.


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There are plenty of other benefits a good road bike offers which you need to know before you purchase your desired one. And in the case of Eurobike XC550, the benefits are endless.

  • The super-strong steel frame with geometry is aerodynamically feasible. It upholds the sturdiness of the bike.
  • The durability of the material of this bike is top-notch. It lasts way longer than typical aluminum bikes.
  • The dual disk brake pattern helps you prevent the accident. You are safe even when you are on a busy road. The calipers also help in this regard.
  • The seats are super comfortable and let you sit in whatever position you prefer comfortable. It also lets you adjust the height of the seat.
  • The freewheels perform super well on any terrain. The speed of this bike will beat any quintessential road bike any day. The alloy rim and free pedal add to its responsiveness.
  • 21 seed Shimano drivetrain creates a super smooth transition in gear shifting.
  • The full width of the tire is super helpful while riding on unfriendly and rutted routes. So you don’t have to hesitate about going on a long ride. It also offers excellent support to the riders and helps balance.
  • You don’t have to sulk about the installation of the parts since around 85 % of it arrives installed.
  • It comes with a warranty. Unlike most of the road bikes it comes with multiple color options so do not worry if you are picky about colors. The look of this cycle would dazzle you in the first place. Overall this bike is a marvel for a super reasonable price.
  • Last but not least, 21 Speed Eurobike has amazingly supportive customer service.

Real Details About Eurobike XC550 Bike

Eurobike XC550 is prevalently popular among bicycle enthusiasts due to its availability and budget-friendly price. You can grab this stunning bike even for $200-$300 which is definitely a win given this bike has so much to offer. You can purchase this amazing road bike both offline and online shops. You can also buy its spare parts like brake cables and pads spaces for reasonable prices.

If you cannot find the spare parts in bicycle repair shops, try online pages. If you buy this bike online, you can have 85 % of it assembled. Since it comes with proper instruction and all you have to is put together the pedals and wheels. It shouldn’t be a hassle. Eurobike XC550 is available in Amazon. It takes usually 3-4 days to deliver.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of a product are something you can never ignore. Definitely all products come with its fair share of pros and cons which need to be considered before making the purchase. It may kill some precious time of yours but it is certainly worth it since you would get to know the benefits and downsides of that product. Albeit Eurobike XC550 has undoubtedly proved its credibility and usefulness; it has few issues you need to know before you go for it.


  • Superior speed.
  • Super sturdy.
  • Great quality parts.
  • Excellent for the price.
  • Durability guaranteed.
  • Very comfortable seat adjustments. No more back pain and stiffness.
  • Super safe. Able to stop at any speed.
  • Responsive.
  • Smooth transitioning between the gears.
  • Very appropriate for the beginners. Even kids can enjoy it.
  • The extra width provides extra support.
  • 21-Speed gear is super helpful.
  • Easy to assemble. It comes with a manual.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • It helps balance on bumpy roads.
  • Stylish look and a real head-turner.
  • It comes with multiple color options.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Good customer service.


  • Little heavy.
  • Not a good choice for tall riders.
  • The steel frame cannot survive the wet condition.
  • Gets rusty over time.
  • Tools that come with it are flimsy.
  • Makes screeching noise while riding.
  • Little wobbly.

Eurobike XC550 Review: Users’ Opinions

It is imperative to go through customers’ reviews before you get yourself something because trust me, that section holds more truth and details about the usefulness of the product than the actual description of that very particular product. By reading customers’ opinion you would get to understand how that product is going to benefit you as well as how it might not be worth your money. Eurobike XC550 is available online, therefore plenty of customers have reviewed it which we have categorized into two sections for your convenience: Positive reviews and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • Customers are going gaga over it because of the cheap price. They said it is an amazing bang for the bucks.
  • A lot of users confirmed that the road bike is sturdy enough to operate smoothly on unfriendly risky roads.
  • A number of customers said that the bike is super fast. Some said it felt like they are blazing down the road at the highest speed.
  • Many reviewers loved the super durable steel frame. They mentioned it lasted longer than any other road bikes they used before.
  • Young riders loved it. They stated that the bike is absolutely flawless for entry-level.
  • Many users appreciated the dial disk brake. They said it guarantees safety.
  • A number of users confirmed that the bike is incredibly comfortable. They were amazed by the lower back support the bike offers.
  • The seat adjustability was praised by many users.
  • Consumers loved the iron racing handlebar. They said it provides great balance and support.
  • Customers also appreciated that the bike arrived 85 % assembled and saved their time.
  • The width of the tire was liked by many.
  • Many testers said they loved the various color options this bike has to offer. They also loved the simple yet sleek design of the bike.
  • A lot of people admired the friendly customer service of Eurobike XC550.

Negative Reviews

  • Some users claimed that the cycle is shoddily built.
  • Many bikers complained that the bike is heavy and tough to carry.
  • Some reviewers stated that the bike squeals annoyingly while riding.
  • A couple of users confirmed that the bike is slightly wobbly.
  • Many customers were angry because the bike gets rusty after a few uses. They said it’s not durable enough.
  • Some users said that the bike is too small for them.

Final Verdict

Bikes are super helpful when it comes to commuting fast. It is also super amusing to hit the road while on a bike and touring through your neighborhood. That would be fun and exercise simultaneously for you. Eurobike XC550 is a real deal since it would give you all these and that too for a very reasonable price. You cannot go wrong with the amazing durability and speed game of this road bike. Although it has some unavoidable issues; but for that price, you can ignore it and enjoy the magical ride. I wouldn’t say this is the best road bike ever. But for your assurance, I would definitely recommend this as one of the best road bikes.

Happy biking.

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