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Best Road Bikes Under 500 Review 2020

Generally, we picture road bikes to be a mode of transportation for traveling some blocks or to enjoy a ride outside on a bright sunny day. Apart from locomotive purposes and fun activities, road biking has some incredible health benefits. Biking is one of the best exercises to remove excess fat from the body. It increases your strength as well as helps to keep a fit, well-maintained body. It boosts your energy and teaches you to confide in your strength. First thing first, you need a stunning bike with lucrative features to enjoy cycling to the utmost. It is quite a daunting task to choose one with so many options available in the market. In fact, the brands coming up with unique design bicycles are increasing over time and thronging in the market. From thousands of options, we have narrowed it down to the 10 best road bikes under 500, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the bike.

Our Top 10 Picks

Gravity Avenue A Road Bike- 14 Speed

Gravity Ave A Road Bike Shimano 14 Speed Semi-Compact AL Frame Aero Fork

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Gravity’s Avenue A Road Bike is a bike with great performance at a reasonable price. It provides a comfortable riding position with wide gearing at the same time. The frame of the Gravity A is precisely wielded with lightweight aluminum. It uses Gravity’s own set of R series tube-set. The hydroformed top tube and bi-oval down tube is engineered to deliver superior performance while maintaining comfortable ride quality. The unique aerodynamic design will let you easily ride in comfort.

This bike comes with straight blade forks and semi-compact frames. These compact frames make the sizing easier due to the sloping tube and low standover height. It comes in 3 different color variations: gloss black, orange and white. There are six different sizes available for every design keeping in mind a wide range of customers with different height range. There are options to match a person of 5 feet as well as a person of 6”5 feet. The size of the bike usually depends on personal preference and comfort and it can be adjusted according to the person’s liking.

The Gravity Avenue A has aluminum alloy wheels that provide great durability. The break set and brake lever are made with top-notch CStar SLR aluminum alloy.  It also features 14 speed Shimano drive train. The spokes are of stainless steel and the reels are made with Alex DA-18 double-wall aluminum. To conclude, Gravity Avenue A is a great bike for the price. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro cyclist, this unique model bike will serve all your needs. The product weight is 35 pound and the product dimension is 52 * 31 * 8 inches.


  • Six size variants
  • Compact lightweight frame
  • Durable wheels
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Comfortable and slim.
  • Sturdy.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Only three color variants
  • Some users find it too long.


What size would be a good option for a 6”3 feet person?

Ans: The compact sloping design makes it easier for riders of all height to adjust easily. For a 6”3 feet person 58cm would be an ideal option.

What is the material of the handlebar?

Ans: The handlebar is made up of a 26 mm aluminum alloy.

What is the size of the bottom bracket?

Ans: 68mm and English threaded.

Does this come fully assembled?

Ans: No it does not. You have to assemble the parts by yourself.

Are the handlebars adjustable, can you raise them at all?

Ans: Yes, a little.

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Windsor Wellington 2.0 Road Bike

Windsor Wellington 2.0 Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Equipped Road Bike (Black, 53cm)

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The second bike we’ve picked out for you is another gem by Shimano called Windsor Wellington 2.0. It has a durable aluminum frame with a comfort saddle. The frame is basically a double-butted alloy with aero shapes. The multi-shaped tubing enhances the bike’s overall performance. Most modern road bikes use integrated brake shifters which are integrated into the brake lever.

The Windsor Wellington has excellent STI shifters. They are very convenient and easy to mount. It comes with Shimano front and rear derailleur. The wheels are made of doubled walled CNC alloy which holds up pretty nicely. The stainless steel rims are black double-butted alloy and the model is DA14700 * 14G * 36H. The chain is KMC Z-51 and made of steel and helps amp up the speed. However, the aluminum dual-pivot brakes on this bike are quite average. Although it allows you to stop your bike instantly and prevents collision with the surface while you are stopping it.

The suspension fork of the bike is a DuraForteTaperBladeCroMoly which is a great source of comfort. It is also shock absorbing.

There are six size variants available ranging from 47cm to 62cm and you can easily get a match according to your height. It comes with a cushy Velo saddle which is quite comfortable. The paddles are metal so it might rip out the soles of your shoes. Be careful about that!

Now let’s talk about the exquisite design of Windsor Wellington. This is nothing like a typical road bike. In fact, it is designed to stun you. It comes in 2 different colors: Black and Yellow.


  • Excellent shifters
  • Six sizes
  • Comfortable saddle
  • High-quality components.
  • Absolutely perfect for recreational ride and daily use as well.
  • Super affordable.
  • Stylish.


  • Metal paddles might tear the shoe sole
  • Only two color variants
  • Gears do not work well.
  • Tier’s quality is below average.

Windsor Wellington 2.0 Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Equipped Road Bike(Black, 53cm)


Do I need to assemble the bike myself?

Ans: It comes partially assembled. You need to attach the handlebar and front tire.

What is the weight of the bike?

Ans: It weighs around 25lbs.

Is this bike fast?

Ans: Not really. It performs well at the middle range (Around 25km/h) though.

Is this bike good for women?

Ans: Yes it is.

Does this bike come assembled?

Ans: No you have to put them together by yourself.

What type of bottom bracket does it use? American or JIS?

Ans: JIS.

Does this bike have a quick release on both tires?

Ans: Yes.

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Vilano Aluminum 700c Road Bike

best road bikes under 500

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Reading the name you probably have an idea about the bike already. This excellent bike from Vilano is an excellent choice for the everyday commuter. If you’re a beginner or don’t want to splurge on a bike, then this bike is a perfect choice for you.

It has a lightweight double-butted aluminum frame with Shimano A050 thumb shifters. This bike provides simplicity with exceptional comfort at the same time. It has free pedals and it is much lighter than any other road bikes out there. It includes water bottles, drop bars, and the handlebars are designed to reduce air resistance for a smoother ride. However, it only comes in three sizes and you might have a hard time finding the right one for you.

The Aluminum Road bike has ultra-smooth alloy caliper brakes and 700C double-walled wheels. The 21 gear speed can handle all the ups and downs on the road and it will take you to your destination at ease.

It is available in 3 colors: Black, White and Grey and also 3 sizes including small, medium and large. The bike weighs 25 IBS. All in all this bike is super appealing and designed to dazzle urban riders.


  • Budget-friendly. Amazing bang for the buck.
  • Absolutely perfect for entry-level.
  • Lightweight
  • 21 gear speed
  • Solid and performs well.
  • The Shimano A050 shifters are terrific.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Super durable.
  • Stunning looks.


  • Only three size options
  • Doesn’t have many color variants
  • Faulty brakes.
  • Shelf quality is not up to the mark.
  • Some users experienced a wobbly handle.
  • Cheap tire.
  • Users complained that pedals broke easily.

Vilano Aluminum 700c Road Bike paddle


Does it need to be assembled and tuned?

Ans: Yes, it comes 80% assembled. So, it needs further assembling and tuning.

What is the weight of this bike?

Ans: The fully assembled bike weighs about 26.5 lbs.

What is the difference between this bike and the Vilano Commuter bike which is cheaper?

Ans: This one has a quick release on wheels and more upgraded components.

Can you move the seat up if needed?

Ans: Yes because it is quite adjustable for height. However,  go for the frame size that works for you so that you do not have to raise the seat too high.

Can the handlebars be switched out?

Ans: Yes. But only an expert should do this.

Can you add relaxation bars to the bike?

Ans: Yes.

Can you attach a bike trailer for kids on this bike?

Ans: No.

What would be the proper size for someone who is 5 feet 10?

Ans: 54 cm.

How light is this bike?

Ans: It’s about 24 IBS. (11 kg)

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Mercier Galaxy SC1 Commuter Bike

Mercier Galaxy SC1 Road Bike

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The Galaxy SC1 Commuter bike is a Shimano equipped bike that offers comfort and durability at the same time. Besides the superb specification, the bike also has a pretty great outlook.

It has an excellent quality aluminum frame with CroMoly fork. It comes with a convenient stem mounted shifters and Shimano double-ring crankset that give simpler maintenance with a broader gear range. The saddle has an ergonomic shape that is designed to provide you comfort during the ride.

It comes in four different sizes and two different colors. The durable aluminum reel wheels offer semi-compact geometry and advanced comfort radius seat stays which promise to give you a smooth ride all along and even if you’re a novice, you’ll perfectly rock this bike. The strong side caliper brakes will let you have a carefree experience. However, if you want to participate in a tournament or racing then we suggest upgrading the tires otherwise it’s a perfect bike for the beginners.

Another great feature of this bike is it is sleek and cool with practical functioning skills. The assembled weight of this product is 30 pounds and the assembled product dimension is 30*8*20 inches.

Mercier Galaxy SC1 Road Bike white


  • Sleek design
  • Ergonomic saddle
  • Lightweight
  • Strong brakes
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Great value for money.


  • Tires are not suitable for the racing purpose
  • Users complained that the bike makes a squeaky noise.


Is this bike for males only?

Ans: The Galaxy SC1 in a unisex bike.

I’m 5”7, which size would be perfect for me?

Ans: We suggest you get the 50 cm version.

Does it have quick-release tires?

Ans: Yes it does.

Is this bike fast?

Ans: Yes it is.

Does it come assembled?

Ans: No. It needs professional set up and tuning before riding.

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Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

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The Giordano Libero Acciao is a classy but practical road bike that is designed specifically for women. With its elite design and classic Italian name, you might consider it to be feeble but it surely gives its peers a run for their money. It has a high-tensile steel frame and 14-speed Shimano Tourney STI drivetrain that provides a convenient shifting to keep you focused on the road.

It has 170 mm pro wheel aluminum cranks with extremely durable Kenda 700x25c tires. Compared to other road bikes with similar construction, Giordano Libero is much smoother and faster. You don’t have to worry about feeling too slouched. As a result, you will always have great control over your riding. You don’t have to extend and bend your body too much while riding.

The Acciao has a 40 mm wide ergonomic handlebar, and a 1-1/8 inch alloy 75mm threadless stem that will give you a smooth ride all along. It also includes a down tube and water bottle mount so you stay hydrated throughout the ride. This bike is pretty lightweight with a weight of about 27.8lbs. It comes in small and medium sizes and we recommend you to assemble and tune it by a professional.

The assembled weight of this bike is 36.7 pounds and the assembled dimension is 52 * 32 * 8 inches.


  • Durable Kenda tires
  • High tensile steel frame
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy design
  • Great speed.
  • Super functional, top-notch quality components.


  • Comes in two sizes only
  • It needs to be assembled in a bike store.
  • Some users found it overpriced.


Can I assemble it myself?

Ans: It doesn’t require much assembling. However, we recommend you get it done by a professional.

 What is the maximum speed?

Ans: The speed kind of depends on your skills and techniques. You can raise it to 35 to km/ph.

How do you downshift the gears?

Ans: Each of the brake levers moves left and right horizontally in order to shift both the front and rear derailleur. 

How much does this bike weigh?

Ans: Around 30 pounds.

What is the size of the bottom bracket?

Ans: 68mm.

Does it arrive assembled?

Ans: No you need a professional to have it assembled.

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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

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The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a uniquely designed bike with funky color options. The Kabuto comes with a flip-hub feature. The design is focused on the city rides who don’t want a derailleur on their bike. Hence, you can ride it on the freewheel or a single-speed mode. Switching between single speed and freewheeling is quite simple. All you have you to do is flip a single handle that is built into the rear hub.

This sturdy bike comes with a handcrafted steel frame and alloy wheels with Kenda 700×32 tires. By using alloy metals, the weight is perfectly distributed. The flip flop hub rules out the need for complex adjustment to make it easier for you to use the bike. The Kabuto is solidly built and it’s effortless to operate. The comfortable saddle will make your ride enjoyable and carefree. It weighs about 35lbs which might seem a bit bulky. However, it comes in two sizes and three fun color range. The bike’s joints are TIG welded to ensure the sturdiness of the bike and they will not fall apart easily. This is a great bike for the people who are looking forward to having a carefree experience on the road and have some fun.


  • Sturdy looks
  • Affordable
  • Strong handcrafted frame 
  • Solid and stable.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Single-speed ensures smooth and fast ride.
  • It comes with maintenance tips.
  • Users loved the “flashy color” and “racy appearance” of this bike.
  • Good for the everyday commute.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Heavy
  • Handlebars are not very comfortable
  • Limited support height.
  • Brake quality is not up to the mark.
  • Some consumers found it unsafe.
  • Some said it’s not long-lasting.
  • Tires might deflate after a few months.


Does the bike come assembled?

Ans: No, it comes partially assembled and you need to tighten all the other components. The process does not take much time though.

Is this bike suitable for kids?

Ans: The small size would be perfectly fine for the kids.

Can it pedal backward?

Ans: Yes it can; be it in fixed gear or in freewheel mode.

Are the wheels quick release?

Ans: No.

What size innertube does this bike use?

Ans: 700c * 32c.

Does it give a smooth ride?

Ans: Yes it totally does.

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EUROBIKE XC550 Road Bike

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The Eurobike XC550 is a 26-inch eye-catching bike that will offer you an exciting fast and fun experience. The XC550 has outstanding specifications and it does not compromise with its speed control which is achieved through the ergonomic steering geometry and optimum stiffness. Road bikes are usually designed to be as light as possible and the XC550 is no different. It weighs only about 15 kilograms and most of the credit goes to the light yet strong steel frame.

It comes with 700 cc tires that are very reactive and agile. The ergonomic saddle offers comfort and performance to the bike and the height and angles are adjustable to the rider’s convenience. The athletic top handlebar added dimension to the speed game. The tire has a wind-cheating geometric frame that results in 8% drag saving and a 15% improvement in comfort compared to other road bikes.

Moreover, the rider enjoys lower back support and a perfect sitting posture from the bike. This super unique bike has a Shimano A050 21 speed gear, not to mention the Shimano TX-30 shifters that ensure smooth and fast commuting and gear shifting. Both front and rear derailleur are different in this bike. The front derailleur is Shimano TZ30 which is an upward pull while Shimano TZ50 is rear derailleur.

The drop bars on the XC550 offer a more aerodynamic position and better hand position which is a significant advantage during endurance riding and high-speed cycling. It includes strong dual disk brakes that are very convenient to use. To conclude, the XC550 offers great performance to price ratio.

The assembled weight is 46.3 pounds. EUROBIKE XC550 Road Bike can carry riders with a height range from 5’3 inches to 6’0 inches most. Also, the bike comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty; however, the warranty on the frame is for a lifetime.

Important Link: Read the in-depth article about The Eurobike XC550 Road Bike


  • Comfortable saddle
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Affordable
  • Superior speed.
  • Users find the 21-speed gear super helpful.
  • Durability guaranteed.
  • It comes with extra width.
  • Ample support.
  • Quite perfect for the novice.
  • Great look.  Some call it “head turner”


  • The tools provided with the bike aren’t up to the mark
  • The frame is unable to withstand wet conditions.
  • Not easy to assemble. Vague instruction.
  • Some reviewers claimed it is poorly constructed.

EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 21 Speed 54 cm Frame 700C 3-Spoke Wheels Road Bicycle Dual Disc Brake Bicycle Blackwhite parts


How many gears are there?

Ans: The XC550 has 7 gears on the back and 3 in the front.

Does the kickstand include any power meter?

Ans: No, the kickstand does not include any power meter.

Does it come with pedals?

Ans: Yes.

Will this fit a 6’4” man?

Ans: No.

Is this bike made of steel or aluminum?

Ans: This is a steel frame bicycle and is slightly heavier than aluminum.

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Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike

If you are looking forward to boosting up your speed and performance as a cyclist, this Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike for Men is your ultimate go-to. This speedy yet light road bike with an aluminum solid outline and rigid fork ensures agile riding; coupled with a flat style lightweight handlebar, stem, and super comfy riding seat.


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The braking is superb and shifting is butter smooth- credit goes to the Shimano. The 14 speeds, Shimano raise derailleur and the shifter brake altogether create a perfect amalgamation to ensure a fast and perfect move. The combination of straight force brakes on the front and back makes sure that halting is not going to be a problem with this bike.

The oversized Schwinn road tires give you a great grip on the road, on the other hand, the allow double-wall rims helps the bike stay durable makes the ride more fun. Overall it is a great package that will smoothen up your journey and keep you fit.

However, this bike, like other Schwinn bikes, comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you claim the bike. Also added that Schwinn has some best road bikes under 500 range. The assembled weight of the cycle is 28 pounds and the assembled dimension is 52.1 * 29.5 * 8.5 inches.


  • Lightweight.
  • The speed game is unmatchable.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Appealing and stylish.
  • Durable.
  • Smooth and breezy ride.


  • Limited warranty.
  • Tires might shrink after a few uses.
  • Some users did not like the quality of the components.


Does this bike have holes for a water bottle mount?
Ans: Yes.

How much does it weigh?
Ans: Around 23 pounds.

What type of valve do the tires have?
Ans: Schrader valves.

Do you need special tools to fix this?
Ans: No it’s quite easy to fix.

Does it have a kickstand?
Ans: Yes it does.

Is this suitable for tall people?
Ans: Yes.

What is the tire size?
Ans: 700 * 28 mm.

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Eurobike 21 Speed Road Bike 700C

This new super cool Eurobike model is aptly designed to cater to cyclists. This road bike with steel frame and dual disk brake system will dazzle you with the incredibly fast stopping power than the traditional V-brake systems. It has a 21-speed shifting system that allows you to brake safely at any speed. It also features top-notch components including extremely durable Shimano products along with derailleur.


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The 700c wheels amp up your speed game and give you a pro feel on the road. It has aluminum fashion rims to make it look sleeker and sturdier. It also comes with free pedals and a super comfy seat. Another exquisite thing about this ride is it is available in multiple cool colors. This 700c road bike is recommended for riders whose height ranges from 5’4” to 5’9’’. However, it takes time to assemble the parts of this bike and might need professional help. though it is one of the best road bikes under 500 range without any doubt

In a nutshell, Eurobike 21 sped road bike is a super safe and elegant looking classic bike and helps spruce up your performance. The assembled weight of this bike is 42 pounds.


  • Fast and smooth.
  • Great speed.
  • Well-built.
  • Vibrant colorways.
  • Stylish.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • Safety guaranteed.
  • Wheels give a good grip on the road.


  • Little heavy.
  • Installation takes time. Vague instruction.
  • It doesn’t come with any warranty or roughly 6 months.
  • Wheels might bend after a couple of use.
  • Some users complained that the bike is too small.


Is the frame made of aluminum?
Ans: No it’s made of steel.

Is it lightweight?
Ans: No it is heavy.

Is it good for kids?
Ans: Not really.

Is it suitable for someone who is 6 feet?
Ans: No.

Does it come fully assembled?
Ans: Around 85 % of it arrives assembled. You have to complete the rest.

What are the wheels of this bike made of?
Ans: The wheels are made of magnesium alloy.

Is this bike fast?
Ans: Yes, it is.

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Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Integrated Shifters Road Bike

Vilano introduces one of the most budget-friendly and coolest best road bikes under 500. Forza 4.0 Aluminum Integrated Shifters with some of the most top-notch features. This bike is super durable and downright perfect for the nimble move. The agility is absolutely sleek for sprint and tracks.


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Despite being one of the most cost-friendly bikes, they used super high-quality components to ensure the smoothest service. The bike is made of aluminum and features integrated shifters to provide optimum usage of your speed stroke. The frame of this amazing bike is made from double-butted 61060 aluminum with a 700c high-strength steel racing forks. The weight is reduced due to the slender of the top tube. The frame is available in 4 sizes- 49, 53, 57 and 61 cm. They will fit for riders whose heights range from 5” to 6.5”.

The Vilano Forza 4.0 includes caliper brakes. The brake pad squeezes the rim and it can be easily adjusted using a set screw. There is a little issue with the brakes though; they are a bit heavier than other Vilano bikes. However, you shouldn’t be bothered by this since the longevity and smoothness of the bike beat this problem. A little reminder: due to caliper style brakes, you need to check for the uneven wear from time to time and make sure they are adjusted accordingly.

You can never go wrong with the 24-speed gear train the bike features. This does not only change your speed game, but all these drive train components work together to make sure you receive a super comfy ride and safe braking. The black anodized Weinmann 700c Double Walled CNC rim puts up well with all types of conditions and helps you balance perfectly.

It is also super maneuvering and smooth as well. You will be amazed to know these lightweight rims allow lost cost bikes to perform well in triathlon and races. The bike uses Kenda 700c * 23c tires which are soft and cushiony yet able to withstand rough ride and can handle high-speed sprints. The tire is enclosed with a solid sidewall which makes it easier to pull out the racing lean.

Another amazing thing about this bike is it is the lowest priced despite offering mind-boggling features and everything. However, the overall price vary to the frame sizes and a few optional parts. In a nutshell, this bike is a combination of lightweight and great strength that makes you feel alike pro on the road. The assembled weight of this bike is 32 pounds.


  • Comfy
  • Less hand movement due to Shimano integrated shifters.
    Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Smooth transition between flat and inclines.
  • The alloy crank helps hold up the stress caused by cycling.
  • Affordable. Big bang for your buck.
  • The speed game is supreme.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Available in four sizes.


  • The seat isn’t comfortable.
  • Handlebar quality is subpar. Might taper in the long run.
  • Some users found the bike noisy.
  • Some consumers complained the bike is not safe since they had a hard time turning the wheel.
  • Needs tuning before the ride.
  • Some found the bike heavy.


Are the shifter Shimano as well?
Ans: Yes.

Are these bikes really budget-friendly?
Ans: Yes they are.

What is the size of the wheels?
Ans: 700c.

Does it come assembled?
Ans: No you have to do it by yourself.

Are the pedals adjustable?
Ans: Yes they are.

What is the gear number?
Ans: 24.

What is the crankset on this bike?
Ans: Shimano 8 in the back and 3 in the front.

Is this bike suitable for sprint triathlon?
Ans: Yes, totally.

Does this bike have a freewheel or cassette?
Ans: Forza 4.0 uses a cassette system.

Does it have mounting holes?
Ans: No it does not. It has adapters that either helps you mount to the quick release or to the seat stay.

Max weight capacity?
Ans: 250 IBS.

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Your Guide for The Best Road Bikes Under 500 

We have already given you the first lesson on Road Bike 101. We would like to give you a heads up on a few major things to consider before you buy the bike.

Type of the Bike

A road bike is basically a broad category and there are many others, for example, daily commute, touring, race or sporting, etc. At first, be sure what would be the purpose of the bike and what it would be utilized for. This will help you a great deal to choose the perfect one from an array of bikes.

Size of the Bike

Bikes usually come in several different size variants. The efficiency and performance of the bike depend a great deal on your body ratio. Getting an oversized or undersized bike will only bring your dissatisfaction. So, it is vital to figure out which bike size will be the best choice for your body shape and height.


Since you’ll be investing a handsome chunk of money on the bike, make sure it comes with high-quality durable components. The bike frame needs to be strong in order to provide you with a satisfactory experience. Test the gearbox, brakes, wheels and other modules before making the purchase.


Road bikes are available in a wide range of materials. From aluminum to carbon fiber- they all have their fair share of good sides. Carbon fiber usually provides more balance of firmness and lightweight since it doesn’t come in pre-shaped tubes. It is good for high-performance bikes since you can mold them into exotic and aerodynamic shapes. Steel is, on the other hand, less exotic yet widely poplar and conventional as well. It costs less than carbon fiber. It also offers more comfort, strength, and longevity. The aluminum frame is the most widely used material for road bikes. It also provides a sheer amount of comfort. Aluminum prices differ basin on respective brands. It is usually more lightweight and stronger than the other two materials.


This is one of the most important aspects you need to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a bike. Not all road bikes will perform well on road, not all will be able to withstand speed and pressure. Sadly some bicycles are all about looks and design. But when it comes to serving you with other qualities, they fail. So make sure you spending on a bike that performs super well on roads and in all conditions. Go through the details of the bike before making a purchase. Take a test ride to determine whether it is worth your money.


Budget is a limiting factor when you are making a purchase for a bike. Bikes come with various price range; entry-level simple road bikes start $300 and goes up to $10,000 and even more for high-performance aesthetic bikes. However, expensive bikes do not always give you a satisfactory result and vice-versa. Although expensive bikes generally guarantee you more safety, improved shift quality, more durability, and better performance. Yet not all would do the same. On the other hand, some budget-friendly bikes can surprise you with their out of the box features and look.

All you have to do is do a little bit of research before purchasing your desired bike. You do not want to waste your money on junk; you do not bring a cheap rip-off product just to save a few bucks either. So thoroughly check the bikes along with the price mentioned with them and decide which one would cater to you with what you need.

However, if you are looking forward to a bike just as a form of recreation, then you do not sweat much over it since these kinds of bikes are pretty reasonable. And if you are more concerned about your performance, more focused on exercise; then it would a wiser decision to loosen your purse string a little bit.

Benefits of Road Bikes

Cycling is not a mere form of recreation; it serves you with multitudes of aspects. In fact, it has endless benefits; be it physical, mental or spiritual. With a perfect road bike, you can buckle up and enjoy all those benefits. And before you get yourself the perfect bike, brush over the list of advantages it is going to provide you. Here are some benefits a sleek road bike offers:

  • It makes you physically active. Since cycling is a fun yet dynamic exercise it gives a nudge to your stamina. So with a perfect road bike at home, there is little to no possibility that you would sit idle at home instead of exploring your surroundings riding a bike.
  • Cycling is very good for your mental health. According to a survey by the YMCA, a person who takes up cycling as a profession stays happy both physically and mentally. Since it refreshes and replenishes your body as well as your mind.
  • It makes you more efficient and perfects your balance. You learn how to control your bike on the road. Therefore you learn new tactics and strategies.
  • The more you pedal, the more energy is used to push you forward. Thus it boosts up your strength.
  • Cycling is a great exercise to help you flex your muscles. According to a professor from the University of Cape Town, it also improves your immune system.  A researcher from Appalachian State University stated that cycling plays a great role when it comes to improving your respiratory system and reducing cold problems.
  • It also helps you lose weight. So if you need to burn some calories get yourself a road bike and hit the road without further ado.
  • Cycling is one of those very few exercises that minimize the risk of heart disease and cancer. It increases your heart rate, and has your blood pumping all over your body and reduces the risk of being overweight. As a result, NHS has recommended this as a healthy way of cutting down the possibility of cardiac disease and cancer.
  • Perfect road bike improves your agility. The more you practice, the faster you get.
  • Cycling develops your navigational skills. You learn to explore places without relying on GPS trackers. You also get to have a precise idea about east, west, north, and south.
  • It is a great way to improve your metabolism.
  • Cycling saves a lot of time. When you are on a bike you can get past the hectic traffic easily as opposed to sitting in a car and being stuck in the traffic for hours. According to a survey by the University of California, more people are now relying on bikes to get to their destinations as bikes are faster.
  • It lets you save your money. Since you don’t have to spend bucks on petrol anymore. It also contributes when it comes to saving the mother earth from pollution since it doesn’t emit harmful nitrogen oxide unlike cars and other vehicles.
  • Another splendid fact about this exercise is it helps you sleep sounder and better. By cycling, you often tire yourself and as a result, you get to enjoy a perfectly good night’s sleep.  It also helps get rid of anxiety and tension.
  • It boosts your brainpower. According to a 2013 study, cyclist’s blood flow in the brain rises by 28 percent and up to 70 percent in the specific territory during exercise. That helps your brain stay sharper and healthier.
  • It is a great source of fun and amusement. Nothing is more enjoyable than pedaling through your neighborhood while enjoying the surroundings. It also helps you grow your circle. You get to socialize with other cyclists and share your passion and stories. You also get to join Cycling Clubs and have fun with your mates.

Final Verdict Of Best Road Bikes Under 500

As we are inclining more towards globalization and economical revolution, we are getting busier. Consequently, the workload is insane and we have to deal with a hefty amount of pressure every day.  This pressure is taking a toll not only on our body but also on our mind which may lead to a disastrous result.  Therefore we need to treat our body to healthy exercises apart from healthy food. Cycling is one of those exercises that plays a vital role in this case. So do yourself a favor, and get yourself a perfect road bike because you are the one who needs to take care of your health and mind and cycling would help you do that.  To make sure you get to enjoy the actual benefits of cycling, choose your bike carefully. Opt for good qualities rather than stylish look to experience the joy ride and fun exercise.

To conclude, getting the best Road Bikes Under 500 dollars will not only save your time and money but it will also keep you strong and healthy. There are so many options available but we have picked out the best for you. We have listed the pros, cons and the essential features to guide you through the intimidating task of finding the perfect bike that will make your life easier and healthier.

Happy Biking!

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